Rave (Energy and Mind Stimulator)

Rave is a natural energy boosting supplement that provides an instant energy boost that lasts long. It stimulates your mind and keeps you charged, alert and energetic all night long.

How it works

Rave contains a potent blend of amino acids like Amino Acids, Caffeine, Kava, Citrus aurantium, Pyridoxine HCL, and Riboflavin.

It gives you a completely safe and legal high.

Some reasons why Rave might be your best choice:

• Can be mixed with your favorite alcoholic beverage
• Does not show any after effects
• The most complete formula for an all night party
• No hangover whatsoever
• Completely natural and herbal formula
• Legal
Safety Information/ Warning Precautions

Rave is completely safe for use.
Side Effects

The recommended dosage for Rave is 1-2 pills with a full glass of water. However, you can also consume it with alcohol.

Stick to this dosage and there will be no unwanted side effects.